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QIANN [KEEAHN] is a name orginated from a Latin name "QIANA", in which would imagine as gracious, deity & delicate.


QIANN DESIGNS, manufactures and distributes fashion accessories. This Hong Kong label stood for fashionable, elegance & inspirational style.


QIANN prides herself in carrying a large jewellery selection in sterling silver, brass & base-metal set with smei-precious & synthetic stones.  Also explores accessories to be created with resin, stainless steel & more.  


Established in year 2007, QIANN DESIGNS mainly focused on wholesale business to North America and Europe. In year 2008, the company launched the label in Hong Kong & Mainland, trademarked Qiann.


QIANN's Target is to fulfill the demand for fashionable & affordable jewellery with unique designs and exquisite craftsmanship.